#CloudGuruChallenge — Machine Learning on AWS

This project is a part of a Cloud Guru challenge by Kesha Williams. You can find the information here. https://acloudguru.com/blog/engineering/cloudguruchallenge-machine-learning-on-aws#

I have used 2 IMDB dataset for recommendations. 1) title_basics_data.tsv 2) title_ratings_data.tsv. You can find dataset on following link : https://datasets.imdbws.com/?opt_id=oeu1603156399603r0.4083130683432188

There are many…

Hello everyone. I hope you are safe during these tough times. Coronavirus is spreading widely across all countries. Data analysis helps us to understands how Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. I am using three datasets (confirmed cases, recovered cases, deaths) for analysis. Datasets are available on the following…

Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is safe. This is my first blog and hope it helps you some way. I want to start from very simple dataset and I found out this Cocktail dataset. You can find dataset on following link. https://www.kaggle.com/shuyangli94/cocktails-hotaling-co . I am doing simple analysis of this dataset.

Dhruvil Shah

Learner, Graduate student at San Diego State University, California, USA.

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